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New Miracle A5 Updates

New CodeMaster5.5

We are pleased to announce that CodeMaster5.5 has been updated to offer the Miracle-A5 more capability to cut keys as of July 3, 2017. This update includes PC program(CodeMaster5.5), PDA program(PCM5) and SD memory data.

What's Changed

- Landrover, LF10 added
- Mercedes, YM23, New HU64 added
- Ford, 7/8/10 cut HU101 added
- Audi/Volkswagen, HU162 added
- More Kia added
- More Hyundai added

Click the link below to download the latest CodeMaster 5.5 Software
Download New CodeMaster5.5 Software

New MagicArt 5 Engraving Software

The new version of MagicArt Software is out now and it is more powerful and advanced than ever before!

What’s new in MagicArt 5?

• More engraving styles
MagicArt 5 brings a new selection of engraving styles.

• More creative elements
A new design library, gives you extra choices when it comes to being creative.

• Built-in multiple engraving
Simply create your design and then specify how many times you would like it to be engraved.

Download MagicArt5 Software

Miracle A9 + Instacode Live - Cutting Keys from your Mobile Device

Miracle A9 + Instacode Live - Cutting Keys from your Mobile Device

Mobile locksmithing at its finest.
Smart, easy and portable.

Presenting the Miracle A9 key cutting machine with Insta-code Live on smart phones.
Simply search or input the correct information on your app and send it to the Miracle A9 and you'll be able to cut keys instantly, any time, anywhere.

Insta-code live runs on portable devices such as smart phones and tablets, giving you the advantage in portability and easy access. The intuitive interface is user friendly and smart.

Click the link below and see how easy it is to cut a key from your mobile device to your Miracle A9.


Miracle A9 is now compatible with InstaCode

Miracle A9 is now compatible with InstaCode

A direct link from InstaCode to the Miracle A9 is now available.

Please click the link below to see instructions on how to connect your Miracle A9 to InstaCode & how to decode and cut keys.

INSTACODE + MIRACLE A9 Direct Communication

Miracle A4 - Portable Automotive Key Cutting Machine

Miracle A4 - Portable Automotive Key Cutting Machine

The Miracle A4 Automatic features:

• Compact, lightweight design ideal for easy transportation and use in workshop vans.
• Cuts 2 track & 4 track Laser Automotive Keys.
• Also cuts Single and Double sided Auto Keys.
• Universal Key Clamp - No Adaptors Required.
• Cuts duplicate keys using probe tracing.
• Creates new keys from code (Using cuts from Instacode).
• Built in 12V Battery for stand-alone use.
• Powered by 12V, 240V or Battery.
• LED illuminated cutting area.
• Supports Bluetooth Communication.